Why is Web Hosting Security So Important?

Why is Web Hosting Security So Important?
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Online threats spawned shortly after the internet was born. What used to be a result of a simple prank has now turned into something so dangerous that, when left to its own devices, not only can wreak havoc on websites and computers, but will also be the reason for the loss of income in some businesses as well.

Cybersecurity is, therefore, an important consideration when you are looking for a top hosting company.

In this article, I will talk about all of the information that you need about why web hosting security is so important, especially in this day and age.

Why Online Security is Important

Online security has become more important now more than ever before simply because more and more people are transacting online over traditional methods. For instance, people now opt to buy their groceries online and have them delivered right on their doorsteps as opposed to them having to go to a physical store just to buy the items themselves. Another instance is that people now engage in online banking. If people wanted to pay for something, they would just fire up their mobile devices or access their online banking accounts directly on their computer’s web browser. Online security, then, is now more important than ever before and it is a worthy consideration when you are looking for a web hosting provider.

Why Web Hosts Should Invest in Good Security Protocols

As online threats have become more refined and commonly used nowadays, there is now a need for web hosts to implement only the best security measures available. For instance, one particular hosting company made use of an AI anti-malware suite that immediately quarantines and removes any known and unknown malware that may infect their servers or websites. Cloud hosting is also being used as a means of keeping hackers and malware at bay simply because the path is untraceable and it also uses SSL encryption to encrypt data across the board. As a website owner, getting a web host that assures you of quality and robust security measure is worth signing up to.

Tips to Improve Your Online Security

Although your web host should do the bulk of your website’s online protection mechanisms, there are also things that you can do on your end that will bolster your website’s online defenses even more. Here are some tips:

1. SSL Encryption

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer provides an encrypted pathway for data to traverse to and from your host’s web server. This means that all the data that travels from your website to the web server are encrypted and cannot be read by anyone under than the parties that are involved.

2. Use SFTP

SFTP stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol and is a much more secure computing protocol than traditional FTP. Unlike FTP, hackers will not be able to read or intercept the files that are on your website.

3. Conduct Regular Site Backups

Although it is customary for web hosts to do regular site backups, it is best that you also do it on your own.