Web Development and Design: Which One Do You Need?

Web Development and Design: Which One Do You Need?
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Are you planning to make a new website for your business? If you are new to the digital landscape, you may want to study the fundamentals first. Make your own research, and then hire a website developer who can help you accomplish your goals.

Before starting your website project, make sure that you understand the following concepts. Which one do you want to focus on?

  • User Experience – deals with the users’ behavior and emotions when navigating around an app or website.
  • Web Development – this is website creation’s most technical aspect. It focuses on code, and is divided to back-end and front-end tasks.

Web Design

A web designer usually handles the traditional graphic design tasks such as typography and color. He or she also deals with selecting the most effective aesthetics for various screen sizes. Those who want to successful web designers someday should have a deep understanding on different business concepts. How to make layouts more appealing? Where are the most strategic CTA positions?

Web designers work in accordance to existing brand guidelines. They bare-bone layouts, wireframes, mockups and prototypes.

Web development

Web development is the most technical aspect of website creation. It is divided in two primary categories:

Back-end (server-side) – deals with a complete digital system of resources which are hosted on a server. Back-end developers manage behind-the-scenes resources, optimize and code data.

Front-end (client-side) – front-end developers bring a designer’s vision and ideas to life. They use programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

Full-stack developer – manages both back-end and front-end parts of website development. both front-end and back-end development.