Starting Your Law Firm’s Website: 4 Important Web Design Tips

Starting Your Law Firm’s Website: 4 Important Web Design Tips
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Every successful website begins with a good domain name, hosting plan, HTML template, FTP client, images and content.

1. Domain Name and Hosting Plan

The best starting point? Purchase a quality website hosting plan and domain name. These would provide you with some server space where the domain name will point to. This will also make it possible for your future clients to find your web pages online.

Nowadays, you can find good hosting plans for as low as $5 every month, offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

2. Responsive Law Firm Website Template

After choosing your hosting and domain company, it’s time to pick a responsive template designed for law firms. Keep in mind that it’s important for you to choose a template that has a responsive web design, to cater for bigger audiences. These templates are already premade for attorneys, and can make your life a lot easier.

3. A Code Editor and an FTP Program

You would surely want to utilize a reliable code editor to edit your template’s stylesheet and files. Programs such as Notepad++ and Textwrangler are helpful options for both Windows and Mac computers. You would also need an FTP program. This would allow you to connect to your hosting server, and upload all your templates files at once.

4. Web Content

Content is the most important website aspect in this list. Prepare all of the written content and images for your web pages. Preparing these ahead of time would be very helpful once the rest of the website is ready.