How to Choose the Perfect Watch Strap?

How to Choose the Perfect Watch Strap?
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So, you bought your first casual watch in Malaysia ever and you think that you are finished, right? Well, that is not usually the case. Once you buy your first watch, the next thing that usually comes is experimenting with different watch straps.

Now, you might have heard from someone that not all watches are fit for every occasion. That is actually true, but there is a minor tweak that you can do that will help your current watch become an all-arounder. And I think you already know where I am going with this: Changing your watch’s strap!

In this article, I will provide you with some tips that will help you turn your watch into something that you can use no matter what the occasion is.

Contrasting Colors

Not all watch straps are created equally. They differ in the material used and of course, the color of the strap itself.

Keep in mind that there are watch straps that have default colours. For instance, for resin bands, the strap is usually colored black. For leather straps, you can expect it to be brown, and for NATO straps, they usually go for blue, red, or green (or a combination of different colors).

The thing that you need to remember when changing your watch’s strap is to think of contrasting colors. That is choosing a color that is other than the color of your watch that will make them mesh together.

To do that, you need to learn a little bit about color theory. Without going all too technical, color theory is basically just the study of how certain color combinations can have a certain visual impact.

For instance, you can go with complementary color schemes where the color combination is based on the exact opposite color in the color wheel. So if you are going to take a look at a standard color wheel, you will find that the exact opposite color of yellow is blue. Therefore, using a combination of these colors would always work.
Analogous colors are basically colors that are the next two from the first one you chose in the color wheel. Suppose that you chose blue, the next two colors either from the left or right are considered its analogous counterparts.

Study color theory to learn more about how to choose the right colors for the job.


Taking inspiration from your favorite shows or art pieces can also be a great way for you to know the best colors for your straps that will compliment your watch.

Match it with the Dials

One of the most striking features of a watch is its dial, so it is only fitting that you try to match the color of your strap to the color of the watch’s dial.


The same rule applies here. Your watch strap should be contrasting colors with the outfit you are wearing.

Simply, Use Contrasting Colors

The idea here is to use contrasting colors whenever you can. This is always the ideal scenario since you want them to complement each other. Make sure to learn more about the color wheel and color theory, in general.