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6 Weird Weight Loss Tips that Actually Work

6 Weird Weight Loss Tips that Actually Work

There is some weird advice out there that might be strange, but when done, can actually work. Today, I am going to talk about some weight loss tips to avoid men especially experienced delaying ejaculation, that might sound weird but they do actually work.

1.Put a Mirror in Your Dining Room

According to research, people are self-conscious when they seem themselves eating in front of the mirror, which is precisely the reason why you need to put a mirror in your dining room as well.

This technique will deter you from eating junk foods. But, did you know that it also encourages you from eating healthy foods in the process?

So, if you’re eating a lot of junk foods, then doing this will probably force you to stop eating that unhealthy snack.

2.Take the Time to Clean Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is quite cluttered and disorganized, there is a huge chance that you’re going to eat unhealthy foods as opposed to some healthier options. Although scientific research on this is still unclear, many people can attest that spending even just 10 minutes on a disorganized kitchen increased their likelihood of eating unhealthy foods. So, take the time to clean your kitchen as soon as possible.

3.Make Your Money Hardly Accessible

Studies have shown that whenever you have to do a lot of things before you can get your money to buy unhealthy foods and snacks can help deter you from making the purchase. As much as possible, you want to keep your cash as hardly as accessible as possible.

Another great way for you to not buy a lot of unhealthy snacks is to get a much smaller pushcart. There is some evidence that tells you many people do not want to get many unhealthy options if they go around with a smaller pushcart.

4.Dim the Lights

According to a study published by Psychological Reports, dimming the lights not only improves your mood and keeps the conversation interesting, but it can also help you become more mindful of what you eat.

In the study, the majority of the participants tend to eat less, eat slower, and they consumed 18% calories fewer than those people who have proper lighting.

5.Ditch the Snacks When Watching Action Movies

According to a study that was published by the Archives of Internal Medicine, people are gorging a lot of foods when they watch action movies as opposed to the film genres.

In their research, around 55% of their participants eat 28% more than their counterparts. So, if you like action movies, I suggest that you start ditching the snacks and instead, focus more on the movie.

6.Choose a Different Color When Eating

A study in the Journal of Consumer Research suggests that you should not color-coordinate your plate with the food that you eat.

According to the study, people are more likely to eat their foods (and overeat) when their foods correspond with the plate they’re eating with.

So, the next time you eat, make sure that you have a different color plate.

5 Reasons Your Teen Might Be Depressed

5 Reasons Your Teen Might Be Depressed

Depression Is No Joke

Teenage depression is constantly on the rise, with teens aged 12-17 being more depressed now more than ever before.

The usual signs of depression include a general loss of interest even to the things that they used to enjoy, extreme sensitivity to things such as failure or rejection, insomnia and other sleeping problems, a general decrease in energy levels, among many other things.

Today, I am going to talk about some excerpts taken from Scott Adams, Ph.D., the Director of Youth Psychology and Quality at the Medical Center of Aurora in Colorado. It is quite interesting so do please read the rest of the article.

Teens Are Experiencing Self-Esteem Issues

According to Adams, he said that most of the teens who exhibit depressive symptoms are often the ones that have prevailing self-esteem issues. Things like gender identification, bullying (real world or otherwise), obesity and body shaming, intercourse related issues such as premature ejaculation and many more can contribute to depression.

Also, teens aged 12-17 that already have minor links to depression are more likely to get it to a severe status once they reach young adulthood.

Teens Get Depressed Due To Health Conditions

Teenagers who suffer from chronic diseases such as asthma and chronic pain are also highly susceptible to developing depression. It is also important to note that other psychological conditions such as Bipolar disorder, anxiety and personality disorders can also affect teens as well.


People can have a genetic predisposition to depression as well, especially if one immediate family member has them before.

Aside from genetics, problems in the family can also contribute to depression as well. Things such as familial disputes between the mom and the dad, divorce, a death in the family, dysfunctional family, and so on can also have a huge impact on a person’s mental health as well.

The Prevalence Of Social Media

Adams said that although the main focus of social media is to bring people closer together, it can also be an avenue for unrealistic expectations.

For instance, there are a lot of fitness celebrities and even actual celebrities on Instagram and people, including teens, follow them. They then have unrealistic expectations because they want to emulate their idols and they want to have the same physiques as them.

And, with the advent of smartphones, more and more teens spend most of their day frequenting social media sites, thereby eliminating the possibility of having real interactions.

Lack of Sleep

When we lack sleep, our usual response would be that we tend to get grumpy. But, it is found out that teens who lack sleep most of the time are at high risk of getting depression.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, teens should get at least 8 hours of sleep to ensure optimum growth and good overall health.

Since teens can sink in more time on social media and other online platforms, they rarely get any good night’s sleep nowadays. Couple that with increasing demand in academics, it is no wonder why teens get more depressed in this day and age.