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5 Must Have Fashion Items for Women And Men

As women, we always like to pay attention and check on our appearance from head to toe because it is what people will see and we want to make a great impression on them. No wonder so many fashion items, especially like makeup set for women or luxury shaving kit  for men always the best seller online or at the physical stores. There are always new trends and new fashion items appear every year and mix & match fashion will always be the safest choice of every man and woman as the clothing can be used over and over. Check this list of every fashion item that women and men must have.

  1. Plain T-shirt. This is the item that women must have as it is easier to put on with outerwear. Having a plain t-shirt does not mean you have to own many colours, just pick a few colours that are easy to match with other fashion items such as black, white, grey, and navy. Sometimes, simple colours make it easier for you to do mix & match with cardigans and a jacket, so just be creative according to your style. Men especially love plain t-shirt as they just grab it and put it on, paired it with jeans and sneakers–and they’ll look good for almost any occasion.
  2. Outerwear. This is also a must-have item in your closet. There are many types of outerwear such as cardigans, jackets, blazer, kimono and many more. At least you must have one of these outerwears because it will help your fashion more visible and your appearance will look different. If you want to look feminine, match a white plain t-shirt with a long or short cardigan.
  3. Sneakers. Sneakers are also important for when you need to exercise and other physical activities that demand you to move faster. It is also easier to do activities in sneakers rather than in flat shoes or slippers. Nowadays, sneakers are also seen as a fashion statement and women wear it with skirts or sometimes even baju kurung instead of wearing it with jeans and pants.
  4. Sunglasses. Nowadays there are many fashion brands that produce beautiful and cool sunglasses with unique forms. The purpose of sunglasses is not only to protect your eyes but it also complements the outfit and makes you look more fashionable and stylish. Just look for your styles according to your face shape.
  5.  Sling Bag. Bags are important for women to keep their things in one place and the size really matters to them. There are many types of sling bag on the market nowadays with a variety of size and it is very practical to wear. A sling bag is a must-have item for every fashionable women’s closet.