6 Tips from A Marketing Expert for Event Management

6 Tips from A Marketing Expert for Event Management


There are a number of elements that will influence the success of your best event management companies. From sponsors to suppliers, volunteers and speakers, you will be handling a lot of responsibilities.Imagine running the event Content Marketing World; one of the largest marketing functions in the country. It was 2011 when Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute, hosted the institute’s first ever event for 100 attendees. It was to his surprise when 660 people attended his event that day. For this year, around 4,000 attendees are expected to attend the event. Running such a large scale event is no cake walk, and it involves a dedicated team working full time year round. Below are the 6 tips that can help you plan these kinds of events.

Tips for corporate event planning


The fundamentals are basically the same when it comes to planning
corporate events whether it is a large or small event

The details should be remembered

It’s all about the details. A great event manager considers how to make the event be a wonderful experience for each attendee, down to the very last detail. Compile and take note of every little detail when it comes to planning these events, ensuring that every element across the entire venue is in place. Usean event planning checklist to monitor everything and make sure your timeline is clear.

Your event strategy should align with your marketing

Marketing goals help further a company, so your event goals should align respectively. Think about what your company’s goals are and what it aims to achieve. How can you help your marketing through your events? Increased brand awareness is a great benefit of event marketing.

Be Passionate

Events are considered personal since every event you handle and manage has small part of you. Those in event planning are professionals that love people and are highly organized. They adore working with other people and are great problem solvers with the intent to make their event a truly wonderful experience for their guests.

Grow your brand awareness constantly

Event promotion is a crucial element when launching and event marketing strategy. Your marketing goal to increase brand awareness is a great way to increase attendees to your event. And when you build your community, don’t stop growing it. Utilize social media to spread awareness about your brand. Create content and share it with your employees, so that they can share it with their own network of friends.

Use social media and event speakers to create demand

If you have speakers that can give your attendees benefits from listening to them, promote them first before promoting your event. The next step is to allow your speakers to promote your event thru social media with personalized pre-written content and images about their topic or presentation.

Maintain consistency of your event date

When you are organizing annual events, do your best to make it consistent. If you can, book it at the same month, same weekend, at the same venue every year. By doing so, your attendees get plenty of time to plan and prepare for the event at the same time it offers brand recognition.

7 Social Media Techniques to Get More Audience for Your Fashion Store

7 Social Media Techniques to Get More Audience for Your Fashion Store

If you have a drop shipping business and you are struggling in having more customers, you need to exert more effort in promoting your business. In today’s post, we will give you seven social media tips for building an audience for your drop shipping store. These helpful pieces of advice will help you put together a thriving brand through an effective social media advertising and marketing.

1. Create Links for Active Platforms on the Website

The first thing you need to do is add links to your website. Have you checked the links of the active platforms on your website recently? In case you do not use those social networks you link on your website, you fail to experience a favourable moment to invite more followers on other networks.

2. Link Your Existing Active Social Profiles on Other Networks

Social media platforms, especially YouTube lets you connect your other social media pages and profiles on your account. Simply go to your YouTube account’s “About” section then click the Customize Channel button. This will give you the option to add or edit your links.

3. Get A Single Username for All Your Social Media Platforms

Being consistent with your username is one of the most important things you have to remember. This makes it easier for your followers and potential buyers to find your store. By securing a common username, your audience will instantly know that it is your store even when they are using different social networks.

4. Be In Tune with Your Visual Branding

Aside from using a single username on all your leading social channels, it also matters to have a constant visual branding. Think about the pictures you are going to use for your profile and for your cover.

5. Aim at Audiences Acquainted with Your Merchandise

Do you want to accomplish two things with a single action? Make remarketing adverts on your leading platforms on social media. Besides reminding your website visitors regarding your marvelous products, these advertisements could also give them an opportunity to connect with the dropshipping store on social media.
Leesa, a store owner for luxury mattress, remarket their website visitors on Facebook. The advertisements in your news feed also provide your identified audience a discretion to like your page on Facebook.

6. Run Your Own Contests to Promote Your Brand

Running a giveaway is among the best social media techniques to help you increase your audience. In Shopify, there are applications that let you conduct giveaways. To be qualified, interested parties should follow your social media channels. There are brands that run contests every month. People could earn their entries by following the brand’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

7. Come Up with An Ambassador Program

Organizing an ambassador program is another strategy to get people talking about your business on social media. Shopify is capable of integrating with many brand ambassador services. For ecommerce store owners, this is a chance to gather people who will share their love for the brand through social audiences.

5 Must Have Fashion Items for Women And Men

As women, we always like to pay attention and check on our appearance from head to toe because it is what people will see and we want to make a great impression on them. No wonder so many fashion items, especially like makeup set for women or luxury shaving kit  for men always the best seller online or at the physical stores. There are always new trends and new fashion items appear every year and mix & match fashion will always be the safest choice of every man and woman as the clothing can be used over and over. Check this list of every fashion item that women and men must have.

  1. Plain T-shirt. This is the item that women must have as it is easier to put on with outerwear. Having a plain t-shirt does not mean you have to own many colours, just pick a few colours that are easy to match with other fashion items such as black, white, grey, and navy. Sometimes, simple colours make it easier for you to do mix & match with cardigans and a jacket, so just be creative according to your style. Men especially love plain t-shirt as they just grab it and put it on, paired it with jeans and sneakers–and they’ll look good for almost any occasion.
  2. Outerwear. This is also a must-have item in your closet. There are many types of outerwear such as cardigans, jackets, blazer, kimono and many more. At least you must have one of these outerwears because it will help your fashion more visible and your appearance will look different. If you want to look feminine, match a white plain t-shirt with a long or short cardigan.
  3. Sneakers. Sneakers are also important for when you need to exercise and other physical activities that demand you to move faster. It is also easier to do activities in sneakers rather than in flat shoes or slippers. Nowadays, sneakers are also seen as a fashion statement and women wear it with skirts or sometimes even baju kurung instead of wearing it with jeans and pants.
  4. Sunglasses. Nowadays there are many fashion brands that produce beautiful and cool sunglasses with unique forms. The purpose of sunglasses is not only to protect your eyes but it also complements the outfit and makes you look more fashionable and stylish. Just look for your styles according to your face shape.
  5.  Sling Bag. Bags are important for women to keep their things in one place and the size really matters to them. There are many types of sling bag on the market nowadays with a variety of size and it is very practical to wear. A sling bag is a must-have item for every fashionable women’s closet.
Best Barber Shop in Kuala Lumpur with Excellent Ambience

Best Barber Shop in Kuala Lumpur with Excellent Ambience

Finding a barber shop that can cater to your need is not that hard because nowadays there are many best barber shops in kl. However, finding a good barber shop with excellent ambience just so you can relax might be challenging especially if you are really in need of some grooming session for a handsome new you. This is why it is important to do a little research or else you will be getting haircuts you would never dream of or the barber shop is too packed or dirty.

Truefitt And Hill

A barber shop steeped in history, its roots can traced back all the way to early days of London and said to be the royal house personal barber. You can expect royal treatment and pampering from this barber, and their hair cutting skill is amazing. Every single one of their customers are satisfied with the services they received from the barbers. And if you would to retain the style and looks did by the barber, they also sell the products they use to make you look so. Truefitt And Hill can be found at few locations in KL, one of it is located at second floor of Bangsar Shopping Center.

Ramlee’s Sport Barberclub

Next one is another barber shop that you have to visit once in a lifetime. Ramlee’s Sport Barberclub is not similar with other normal barber shop because they provide several services such as table football game to occupy the customers while waiting for their turn. The theme of the barber shop is really nice too rather than implementing hipster-themed interior like other barber shops. Ramlee’s Sport Barberclub show their spirit in sports by decorating the interior with sports concept while maintaining a relaxed ambience. The floor is painted in green and marked with white lines to resemble the look of a football field. As for the barbers, they are known to don black baseball jerseys when serving their customers. Among the services provided at the shop includes moustache and beard grooming, hair wash and hair styling consultation. Not just fulfilling the grooming need for men, Ramlee’s Sport Barberclub is also a right spot for guys to socialise themselves and have a light discussion.

Gentlemen’s Tonic

At Gentlemen’s Tonic, this barber shop exudes elegance and style which makes your experience of getting a haircut being done in a luxurious way. Located at Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Gentlemen’s Tonic makes it a priority to groom men as well as to make them feel their best self. The best thing about Gentlemen’s Tonic is that they also provide spa services for the customers so that they can experience being pampered by others once in a while.