7 Social Media Techniques to Get More Audience for Your Fashion Store

7 Social Media Techniques to Get More Audience for Your Fashion Store
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If you have a drop shipping business and you are struggling in having more customers, you need to exert more effort in promoting your business. In today’s post, we will give you seven social media tips for building an audience for your drop shipping store. These helpful pieces of advice will help you put together a thriving brand through an effective social media advertising and marketing.

1. Create Links for Active Platforms on the Website

The first thing you need to do is add links to your website. Have you checked the links of the active platforms on your website recently? In case you do not use those social networks you link on your website, you fail to experience a favourable moment to invite more followers on other networks.

2. Link Your Existing Active Social Profiles on Other Networks

Social media platforms, especially YouTube lets you connect your other social media pages and profiles on your account. Simply go to your YouTube account’s “About” section then click the Customize Channel button. This will give you the option to add or edit your links.

3. Get A Single Username for All Your Social Media Platforms

Being consistent with your username is one of the most important things you have to remember. This makes it easier for your followers and potential buyers to find your store. By securing a common username, your audience will instantly know that it is your store even when they are using different social networks.

4. Be In Tune with Your Visual Branding

Aside from using a single username on all your leading social channels, it also matters to have a constant visual branding. Think about the pictures you are going to use for your profile and for your cover.

5. Aim at Audiences Acquainted with Your Merchandise

Do you want to accomplish two things with a single action? Make remarketing adverts on your leading platforms on social media. Besides reminding your website visitors regarding your marvelous products, these advertisements could also give them an opportunity to connect with the dropshipping store on social media.
Leesa, a store owner for luxury mattress, remarket their website visitors on Facebook. The advertisements in your news feed also provide your identified audience a discretion to like your page on Facebook.

6. Run Your Own Contests to Promote Your Brand

Running a giveaway is among the best social media techniques to help you increase your audience. In Shopify, there are applications that let you conduct giveaways. To be qualified, interested parties should follow your social media channels. There are brands that run contests every month. People could earn their entries by following the brand’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

7. Come Up with An Ambassador Program

Organizing an ambassador program is another strategy to get people talking about your business on social media. Shopify is capable of integrating with many brand ambassador services. For ecommerce store owners, this is a chance to gather people who will share their love for the brand through social audiences.