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Best Barber Shop in Kuala Lumpur with Excellent Ambience

Best Barber Shop in Kuala Lumpur with Excellent Ambience

Finding a barber shop that can cater to your need is not that hard because nowadays there are many best barber shops in kl. However, finding a good barber shop with excellent ambience just so you can relax might be challenging especially if you are really in need of some grooming session for a handsome new you. This is why it is important to do a little research or else you will be getting haircuts you would never dream of or the barber shop is too packed or dirty.

Truefitt And Hill

A barber shop steeped in history, its roots can traced back all the way to early days of London and said to be the royal house personal barber. You can expect royal treatment and pampering from this barber, and their hair cutting skill is amazing. Every single one of their customers are satisfied with the services they received from the barbers. And if you would to retain the style and looks did by the barber, they also sell the products they use to make you look so. Truefitt And Hill can be found at few locations in KL, one of it is located at second floor of Bangsar Shopping Center.

Ramlee’s Sport Barberclub

Next one is another barber shop that you have to visit once in a lifetime. Ramlee’s Sport Barberclub is not similar with other normal barber shop because they provide several services such as table football game to occupy the customers while waiting for their turn. The theme of the barber shop is really nice too rather than implementing hipster-themed interior like other barber shops. Ramlee’s Sport Barberclub show their spirit in sports by decorating the interior with sports concept while maintaining a relaxed ambience. The floor is painted in green and marked with white lines to resemble the look of a football field. As for the barbers, they are known to don black baseball jerseys when serving their customers. Among the services provided at the shop includes moustache and beard grooming, hair wash and hair styling consultation. Not just fulfilling the grooming need for men, Ramlee’s Sport Barberclub is also a right spot for guys to socialise themselves and have a light discussion.

Gentlemen’s Tonic

At Gentlemen’s Tonic, this barber shop exudes elegance and style which makes your experience of getting a haircut being done in a luxurious way. Located at Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Gentlemen’s Tonic makes it a priority to groom men as well as to make them feel their best self. The best thing about Gentlemen’s Tonic is that they also provide spa services for the customers so that they can experience being pampered by others once in a while.

Best Trending Business Mobile Apps You Need to Pay Attention Now

Man-made reasoning:

Man-made reasoning or AI is getting a great deal of acknowledgment as of late. It is a machine
capacity that can translate practices viably, diffuse change, extend work processes and
mechanize proficiently.
Man-made consciousness has wide app developer, however, in association with mobile, AI can
be a useful, a sensor and a manual for the clients. Today, mobile applications are utilizing AI to
improve client fulfillment fundamentally. Organizations are empowering computerized
reasoning-controlled control.
Google recently declared Duplex, new capacity to Google Assistant. Duplex is man-made
brainpower progress that enables clients to speak with innovation all the more proficiently. It
acquires noteworthy improvement in clients' understanding. Man-made consciousness is
orchestrating new conceivable outcomes with mobile applications, particularly for


AI can help past a more extensive range of business forms. Its development is changing up a
few businesses.
Uber, the taxi employing administration application uses AI for snappy ride management. It
gives anticipated time of appearance, evaluated cost, and other constant features with the
assistance of AI.

AR and VR:

AR represents Augmented Reality while VR represents Virtual Reality. These can bolster
numerous applications in the scope of business.
Associations need to give performing multiple tasks features continue to be progressively
gainful. This expects representatives to complete work processes with no impedance. By joining
both this present reality and the advanced world, Augmented Reality models, mechanical
development can carry exceptional changes to human cooperation with machines and gadgets.

AR and VR convey impressive points of interest to the organizations.

• It empowers ventures to complete a sans hands work process.
• It dispenses with multifaceted nature
• It Improves results
• AR is an advancement in innovation that sees information dependent on a client's genuine
• It helps deals openings
• It permits cross-geographic coordinated effort
• It streamlines the work procedure
Mobile application designers in developing innovation ventures are growing new VR mobile
applications that can offer smooth and productive endeavor tasks and lift business activities.


The blockchain is the most recent among the entirety of the patterns recorded in this article.
Organizations are discovering blockchain innovation for its potential advantages in everyday
business activities that incorporate retail, money, protection, automobiles business and that's
just the beginning.
Straightforwardness and security are the huge advantages of this innovation.

Blockchain innovation utilizes in an Enterprise Ecosystem:
• It permits decentralized correspondence
• It helps in verifying Identity
• It empowers the straightforward work process
• It permits proficient inventory network management

What to Expect in E-Commerce in 2020?

What to Expect in E-Commerce in 2020?

Did you know that in 2017, the e-commerce industry has amassed $4.13 trillion in sales? Factoring in inflation and the possibility that more and more people have access to mobile devices, you can expect that number to rise each and every year.Since 2020 has just begun, what are the things that you can expect in the e-commerce industry in 2020? Read on to find out.

Subscription-based Ventures

To be clear, the subscription-based business model is not a new thing. However, it has certainly become more and more popular in this day and age simply because people nowadays have more disposable income than ever before. That being said, if you are going to adopt this business model, it is important that you also offer something exclusive in return. That means that you not only offer a base package but also add some extras to entice people to actually sign up. For example, Adidas has implemented its Creator Club program where people can sign up through different tiers and they can expect rewards and perks based on the tiers they’ve chosen.

More Visuals

People do not have the means of looking at a product you are selling without you presenting them with images and videos. One of the perks of being in a real store is that people can actually interact with the product. Well, you can still do that in the form of video product descriptions. By making videos showcasing the products that you have on offer, you can essentially provide a much better perspective that will help your customers make that purchase decision.

Timely Sales

Businesses that implement sales and promotions in a timely manner are sure to enjoy a lot of profits. I mean, who can resist huge discounts, right?
Of course, you will have to do the math so that if you are going to have a sale that you are still making profits despite the price cut. People really love getting discounts and added perks so if you can implement sales on a more frequent basis, then that is a good thing.

Provide an Avenue for User-Generated Content

Social proof is a powerful thing in business in that people are more likely to believe a brand if they see other people praising it. That being said, provide your customers with an avenue to share their own user-generated content on your platform.
This means that you should allow them to post pictures or make videos about the products that you have on offer. By implementing such, you can convince other people to buy from you as well.

Promote Your Content, Not Your Store

The thing about being successful in the online world is that you should not promote your business as you would your brick and mortar store. What I mean is that instead of using ads to promote your store, you should create your own content instead.
There is a reason why content marketing is still popular in this day and age simply because you are not trying so hard to promote your own business using traditional methods, but rather, you promote your business by way of presenting something valuable to your potential customers (like articles about how your products could help your customers).

Feeding Guide

Feeding Guide

During the main long stretches of your infant’s life, you will have many taking care of choices to make. Concluding whether to breastfeed or bottle-feed your newborn baby care is your first infant taking care of the problem.

When you begin acquainting strong nourishments with your child, you’ll have to begin choosing sippy cups, high seats, and nourishment prep machines. From suckling babies to eating little children, we offer a few answers to assist you with settling on the best decisions for you and your infant.

Newborn child Feeding

Bosom or container? Bosom milk is the ideal nourishment for an infant’s stomach related framework; anyway, breastfeeding requires a major responsibility—formula taking care of offers more opportunity and adaptability for mothers. Keep in mind, no one but you can choose what works best for you and your family.


Always sink into an agreeable, loosened up position before breastfeeding (nursing cushions give both solace and backing), since it’s best not to interfere with the breastfeeding if your infant is nursing happily. To make breastfeeding simpler on another mother, wear a nursing bra, this assists with help, and is additionally intended to give simple access. Load up on nursing cushions when you spring a break and lanolin cream for sore, split areolas. After a month or somewhere in the vicinity, begin utilizing an electric bosom siphon so you can store drain and get infant used to taking a container. Siphoning is a need for working mothers!

Jug Feeding

Glass or plastic? Glass jugs can be handily sanitized, yet can chip and break. Plastic bottles are lighter and simpler to fly into your diaper pack. You can likewise pick plastic jugs with hurling away liners that breakdown as an infant takes care of. Bottles accompany either elastic or silicone areolas, yet you can purchase substitution areolas. Elastic areolas are milder; however, may split and should be supplanted every 2-3 months, while silicone areolas are firmer, give your child better control of the milk stream, and can be cleaned. There is a moderate stream (for babies), medium-stream, and quick stream bottle areolas accessible. Always investigate areolas for tears and tears before utilizing. In the event that you discover any, discard the areola right away.

Little child Feeding

When your infant gets into taking care of furrow, you can begin presenting juice or water in a sippy cup. You can likewise start to present newborn child grain and pureed foods grown from the ground. Beginning your infant on solids is a perplexing learning process, so make certain to check with your pediatrician on when and how to acquaint new nourishments with your kid. Additionally, make certain to pick the correct utensils, cups, and dishes, from taking care of spoons to simple to-hold bowls.

Dishes, Utensils and Sippy Cups

When your infant begins eating solids (4-6 months), begin taking care of with a delicate tipped spoon and a heap of basic unbreakable plastic dishes, since babies will in general snatch and drop everything. At the point when your little child is somewhat more established, you may pick an eating set that accompanies partitioned plate, bowl, and utensils. The best child spoons for starting eaters are somewhat adaptable and elastic tipped. A few spoons have heat-delicate coatings, changing shading to give you when nourishment is excessively hot. Utensils for self-taking care ought to have wide handles or circled handles that are simple for an infant to get a handle on. For in hurry mothers, there are nibble units accessible that join to buggies and vehicle seats. When your child is 4-9 months old (and no more seasoned than age 1), the person can change to a sippy cup. You can wean the child off the jug by supplanting one normal container taking care of with a sippy cup at regular intervals until you’re without a bottle. A delicate spout on a sippy cup is recommended from the outset since it is like a jug’s areola. A few mothers first attempt a progress cup (suggested for a very long time four a year), which has gentler spouts, double handles, and lighter weight. Most prescribed sippy cups are lightweight and sealed.

Security Tip: Solid Foods, is infant prepared?

  • Generally, around 4-6 months.
  • Can hold their head up and sit with help.
  • Has outgrown that tongue push reflex. May be beginning to “impart” that they are prepared by demonstrating an enthusiasm for the nourishment you are eating.
  • Please check with your pediatrician before acquainting anything new with a child’s eating regimen.

Taking care of Gear

As your child develops, the person in question will be sufficiently large to sit with the grown-ups! High seats and supporter seats arrive in an assortment of alternatives to meet your youngster’s requirements.

High Chairs

You are generally suggested for kids from a half year as long as three years. The regular greatest weight limit is from 40 to 50 pounds. As usual, if you don’t mind, check the particular weight rules for the style you buy. For included accommodation, some high seats highlight separable plates that consider simple tidy up and capacity. Some are even dishwasher safe. Some models can change over to little child seats, so they develop with your kid. Many incorporate cup holders. Padded seats and footstools can give extra solace to your little one. Wheels can make it simpler for you to move your kid from space to room and furthermore to move the high seat off the beaten path when not being used.

Sponsor Seats

You recommended for when your youngster can sit up for extensive stretches of time without falling forward – ordinarily around eight months old enough. It will be ideal if you check the particular weight rules for the style you buy. Some models lean back and highlight customizable seats, plates, and additionally, statures. Carry handles make them simple to move to start with one seat then onto the next. Many incorporate ties for non-slip security.

Why is Web Hosting Security So Important?

Why is Web Hosting Security So Important?

Online threats spawned shortly after the internet was born. What used to be a result of a simple prank has now turned into something so dangerous that, when left to its own devices, not only can wreak havoc on websites and computers, but will also be the reason for the loss of income in some businesses as well.

Cybersecurity is, therefore, an important consideration when you are looking for a top hosting company.

In this article, I will talk about all of the information that you need about why web hosting security is so important, especially in this day and age.

Why Online Security is Important

Online security has become more important now more than ever before simply because more and more people are transacting online over traditional methods. For instance, people now opt to buy their groceries online and have them delivered right on their doorsteps as opposed to them having to go to a physical store just to buy the items themselves. Another instance is that people now engage in online banking. If people wanted to pay for something, they would just fire up their mobile devices or access their online banking accounts directly on their computer’s web browser. Online security, then, is now more important than ever before and it is a worthy consideration when you are looking for a web hosting provider.

Why Web Hosts Should Invest in Good Security Protocols

As online threats have become more refined and commonly used nowadays, there is now a need for web hosts to implement only the best security measures available. For instance, one particular hosting company made use of an AI anti-malware suite that immediately quarantines and removes any known and unknown malware that may infect their servers or websites. Cloud hosting is also being used as a means of keeping hackers and malware at bay simply because the path is untraceable and it also uses SSL encryption to encrypt data across the board. As a website owner, getting a web host that assures you of quality and robust security measure is worth signing up to.

Tips to Improve Your Online Security

Although your web host should do the bulk of your website’s online protection mechanisms, there are also things that you can do on your end that will bolster your website’s online defenses even more. Here are some tips:

1. SSL Encryption

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer provides an encrypted pathway for data to traverse to and from your host’s web server. This means that all the data that travels from your website to the web server are encrypted and cannot be read by anyone under than the parties that are involved.

2. Use SFTP

SFTP stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol and is a much more secure computing protocol than traditional FTP. Unlike FTP, hackers will not be able to read or intercept the files that are on your website.

3. Conduct Regular Site Backups

Although it is customary for web hosts to do regular site backups, it is best that you also do it on your own.